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Nursery Manager FAQs
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I can't log in.
Type your nursery ID, username and password carefully and exactly as given to you by your nursery.  If this still doesn't work, contact your nursery to check that you are enabled - as only they control access to their nursery.

I work in Government, Local Government or their suppliers and I am not allowed to use my computer for personal use.
You will still be allowed to use your computer for accessing Teletoddler as this does not count as personal use.  This is because it is Government policy to do as much as possible to help working parents.  (Most private companies also follow this policy.)  If in doubt, please speak to your personnel department.  Also, if you would prefer, Teletoddler can talk direct to your personnel or computer department to explain the service or how to enable it.

When I look at a room all I see is a black square or a box with a small red cross in the top left hand corner.
Most browsers will automatically download the viewing software into your browser, but some have this feature disabled. Click on the link in the bottom left hand corner of the screen to download the software (known as a codec) manually.  You will be asked to confirm that you want to download the software and that you trust the source.  Click yes to both questions.

If this link is not present and you still see a box with a small red cross in the top left hand corner, it may be that your IT department has disabled ActiveX from computer.  You will need to speak to them to allow this (see the answer to above question).

I see the message "Connection Closed". First try refreshing your browser. Do this by clicking the F5 key. If this still doesn't work, contact us to get a list of ports that you may need to open on your firewall. (We don't publish these for security reasons.)

Can I record the video?  No, for security reasons. However, your nursery can do this on your behalf - and create CDs or DVDs for you.  Speak to your nursery manager to ask about this service.

After a while the video stream stops.  You will be automatically logged out after 6 minutes viewing.  This is a security feature, to prevent somebody else viewing after you have left your machine.  However, if you want to continue to watch, just log in again.

If you have a question that is not answered here please contact us.

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